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Reformative Efforts

Addict / Low Level Offender Housing / Rehabilitation Process


Beacon of Hope offers “structured” transitional housing” to men ages 18 and over who are struggling with the challenges of alcoholism, drug addiction,  other substance abuse, compulsive disorders, as well as minor criminal offenses.


Like most other programs, we understand that recovery and rehabilitation does not have a one size fits all solution. The issues and factors that contribute to addictive and compulsive behaviors are as unique as the individuals who seek our guidance.


Our objectives, in the form of rehabilitative efforts, are developed to focus on the whole person, and on finding the roots of erroneous thinking, poor judgement, addiction and substance abuse issues, not just addressing symptoms. We are confident that we can show our clients a path that leads to a healthier, sober lifestyle – yet understand that each individual will have to walk it in their own way.


Much of the addiction rehabilitative efforts at Beacon of Hope are based on the successful principles of the 12-step treatment model offered in Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.   


“Structured” Sober Living Housing


Beacon of Hope offers affordable housing to addicts, substance abusers and low-level judicial offenders through government assistant housing programs, Department of Corrections, Department  of Mental Health, Rescue Missions as well as walk-ins. 


To help clients achieve freedom from addiction while assisting with community reintegration from incarceration, we objectively walk clients through recovery and rehabilitation resources which provides direction towards physical, mental, emotional sobriety and overall wellness. 


We teach the clients many aspects of sober living / life skills, so when they are ready to go on to their next level of care, they will be prepared to live sober, responsible and law-abiding lifestyles.

Rehabilitative / Transformative

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